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Mary Crow has published five collections of poetry and four translations of poetry. Her most recent book of poems is the chapbook The High Cost of Living (Pudding House, 2002). Her poems and translations have appeared in hundreds of literary magazines, including American Poetry Review, New Letters, Nimrod, Agni, Ploughshares, Prarie Schooner, and Manoa. Among awards she has won are a Poetry Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, A Poetry Fellowship from the Colorado Council on the Arts, and three Fullbright awards. She has read her poems in Israel and the former Yugoslavia. Poet Laureate of Colorado, she taught creative writing at Colorado State University for many years. She serves as Poet Laureate of Colorado.

"Her spare style lends authenticity to the journey we are asked to share and to the speaker's reliability as a reporter. What we get is an exotic realism that is all lean muscle and tension in a landscape of self-discovery"
B. J. McGrath

"Mary Crow's search is unflinching--her eye sees 'lobotomized' culture 'sucked into' American TV serial romances." 
Charlotte Mendel

Mary Crow's other poetry collections include I Have Tasted the Apple and Borders, available from BOA Editions, Ltd. Her most recent book of poetry translation is Engravings Torn From Insomnia: Selected Poems by Olga Orozco
also available from BOA. Books can also be ordered from this website.


Mary Crow


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Like all art, poetry enriches the community, and there are as many ways to support and enjoy poetry in your community as there are poets. This page offers a few suggestions.

Poetry readings:

Poetry readings are the best way to become acquainted with poets. Most university English departments sponsor readings throughout the year. Check in at your nearby university for schedules, or look for flyers posted around the campus.

The Colorado State University Creative Writing Department sponsors an annual reading series that features writers of poetry and prose from around the country. This is a great opportunity to hear up and coming as well as established authors.

Admission is free. Contact the CSU English Department for a schedule and info on other department events.

Also see the Poet Laureate projects described on this website

Contact Information

Email Mary Crow: (Personal email)

Contact for Readings and Workshops:

Mary Crow

1707 Homer Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Phone: 970-482-9923


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 Poet Laureateship

The state of Colorado has no official duties for its poet laureate although the selection committee suggested that it would be wonderful if I would speak in all areas of the state during my tenure. Under the sponsorship of the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities, I did this, carrying out Poetry in the Schools work, readings, and community discussions about how the visibility of poetry could be enhanced locally.

In addition, I decided to undertake some projects of my own based on my conviction that poets need to do all they can to increase the audience for poetry. My original intent was to initiate these projects in northern Colorado where I live and then find a way to extend them to the entire state; however, because of the lack of resources I have not been able to move beyond local work. My projects include putting poems on local buses, training MFA students to teach poetry in the schools, and giving awards to local teachers for the innovative use of poetry in the public school classroom. All three of these projects have been very successful, with shared sponsorship and enthusiastic public response. "Poetry in Motion" (registered trademark of the Poetry Society of America) is carried out in conjunction with Poetry Society of America, local business sponsors, the Poudre R1 School District, and Colorado State University.

At the most recent ceremony, the poetry placards for the buses with poems and artwork were
presented to the public, the mayor spoke, and more than eighty people attended. (Five hundred poems had been submitted to the selection committee.) My second project, "Literacy Through Poetry," has won grants from the Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry, the Colorado Council on the Arts, the Lila B. Morgan Memorial Fund, among others, and has brought Kenneth Koch, Jack Collom, and Julio Marzan to Fort Collins to train graduate students to teach poetry in the schools. Over its three years it has reached just about every elementary school in the city. My third project gives small cash awards to teachers and a parallel award to the teacher's school libraries for poetry books. It is funded by a memorial award set up to honor a high school teacher and will give its sixth round of awards this spring.

–Mary Crow

Poetry & Politics




Mary Crow's Poet Laureate Projects

Poetry in Motion: Putting poetry placards in Fort Collins city busses in conjunction with the Poetry Society of America

Literacy Through Poetry: Sending advanced poetry students into the schools to teach poetry. A major poet trains the student apprentices.

Zach Awards: Spotlighting the innovative use of poetry in our public school classrooms through awards to teachers.

If you would like to volunteer, please call Mary Crow, 970-482-9923 or email her at

Please email Mary Crow if you would like to be added
to her mailing lsit for upcoming workshops

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